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Credit cards

Is it legal for a credit card to refuse to take additional payments against principal to reduce the balance due?

At USAA, if you pay the minimum payment due in a given month, and then send in an additional amount, they will not apply that additional amount to the balance due; they insist on applying it to the following month's payment, so that you wind up paying interest as well as principal.  As a result, you can't pay off the credit card early and save on interest unless you pay off the entire balance at once.  This, from a company that says it's in business to serve the financial interests of US military personnel and their families.

I want to bitch about this at the highest level possible, as loudly as possible, but I'm not sure to whom I should be talking.  I promise to tone down the hysterical foaming at the mouth, if it turns out to be the Senate Finance Committee.
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